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Our packaging solutions suspend your product away from impact any physical harm and damage, providing consistent protection for fragile products even after repeated drops in transport events.

Retention/Suspension Packaging

Safely holds your products in the center of the shipping container safely distanced from all the sides of the box. This kind of protection provides secure protection from shock and vibration throughout the journey.


Standard designs provide a proven protection for fragile products.


This packing designs are unique assemblies consisting of a durable and flexible PE film and corrugated paperboard.

Versatile & economical

We provide standard solutions for a number of product sizes, weights and shapes with affordable prices.


Our products provide highest quality and comfort.

About Us

Delta Stock Company is a company with 7 years of experience, decided to meet our client needs for Industrial Safety Products and Packing including costume projects.

Our team have a long history of working with the most reliable and affordable manufacturers to accomplish our client goals while maintaining a personal approach to our business relations.

Retention packaging. Learn more:


Film and corrugated packaging options secure and then suspend your product in the center of the shipping container – safely distanced from all sides.

Customizable Assemblies

These are scalable and customizable, making our suspension or retention packaging an ideal solution to protect a wide range of products.

Overall Applications

  • Cellphone and Laptop protection
  • Foam Replacement
  • Tamper evidence seals
  • Stocking Program available
  • Reduced Warehousing space
  • Machine part repair

Packaging Features

  • Static Barrier protection
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Crush resistance
  • Variable Stretch options
  • Impact resistance
  • Corrosion inhibitor protection
  • Attractive product display

Safety Goggles




Respirator (Mask)

Regular Boxes

Suspended Boxes

Retention Boxes


Utility Knifes


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